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with moon in her hair

alice munro.
19 May
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Name: Alice Munro

Fandom: The Last of the Mohicans

Media: Film

Played by mycenaes, aka Louisa

Physical description: A slight, wispy sort of young woman, with long light hair and blue eyes. She is wearing dress typical of the 18th century for a woman of her class--that is, a dress with petticoats.

Personality: Alice is very quiet (at least throughout most of the movie), with a sort of ethereal quality about her. She does not speak often, but don't let her appearance fool you. She's actually quite brave, with a sort of quiet intensity and passion that more than proves her worth in this world.

Short biography: The younger daughter of a military man, Alice is living in the American colonies/frontier during the French and Indian War. She, along with her older sister, Cora, are ambushed by a Huron war party, but are rescued by two Mohican men and an outdoorsman named Nathaniel, also called Hawkeye. All seems well at first, but through various trials and tribulations, Alice and Cora end up in the hands of the Huron again, after yet another surprise attack (in which their father is killed). Alice and Cora find themselves in a life-threatening position, where they are both offered up as human sacrifices for blood vengeance. In a twist of fate, Alice and Cora's lives are spared, but soon after, Uncas, one of the Mohican men who rescued the two sisters in the first place, dies after trying to save Alice in an act of true love. Alice realizes that she has no choice left but to follow Uncas in death, so she jumps off a cliff right in front of the cruel Huron warrior to whom she was promised in marriage, joining her love in death.

Physical Abilities: Nothing special.

Superhuman Abilities: None.

Unusual or Magical Possessions: None.

In-game canon: To be completed...sometime? in the next century? who knows? XD